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300+ kinds of materials that only we have

Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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How will the door be opened?
Typical box
Reverse box
Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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Width of the leaf
600 mm
Narrow door to save space
700 mm
Standard bathroom door
800 mm
Standard interior door
900 mm
Wide door for large rooms
Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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Height of the leaf
2000-2100 mm
Low door
2100-2300 mm
Standard door height
2300-2500 mm
For rooms with high ceilings (from 2.7m)
2500-3000 mm
Designer door up to the ceiling
Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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Choose your door fillings
Ordinary door without additional sound insulation
A heavier door with good soundproofing
Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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Install an automatic threshold at the bottom?
No, don't install the threshold
Yes, install the threshold
Calculate how much your hidden doors will cost?
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Select Fittings (door handle)
Without fittings
I'll buy it myself
With fittings
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The advantages of "invisible" doors

The advantages of "invisible" doors

Your chance to create a unique modern interior

Hidden interior doors - a new word in interior design Stylish solution for home, apartment, beauty salon, SPA, clinic. Their advantages:

  • visual space enlargement;
  • original appearance;
  • saving space in the room;
  • the ability to make 'invisible' doors the same color as the walls;
  • flat surface without protruding openings and casings.

The use of such doors should be thought of during the renovation stage because the box is mounted into the wall.

Any solutions in a short time

We can offer doors with a primer for painting or ready-made solutions with exclusive coatings. When you order from Profdoors, you get additional benefits:

  • full cycle from measurements to installation;
  • a unique selection of decorative overlays, which is not available in Latvia anymore;
  • the possibility of ordering doors with non-standard dimensions;
  • production of doors for rooms with high humidity;
  • fast production - from 1 to 1.5 months.

Why Profdoors?

We do things faster
than others
2 years
We provide a guarantee
for the work and materials
We sign a formal contract
More than 7 years
in the door
production market
coating options

We make it on time or you get your money back!

We make it on time or you get your money back!

We produce doors on average in 1-1,5 months, while it takes other companies from 4 to 6 months to complete similar orders.
More precise terms are discussed in the ordering process and depend on the materials, manufacturing technology, and complexity of the design.

We know how important it is to get your order on time. And we guarantee to meet deadlines.

Ordering process

Selecting the door by type. You send us the size of the opening, we calculate the approximate yen, we discuss the features
A visit with the purpose of making a measurement, consultation and selection of materials on the spot, coordination of fittings and other details
Drawing up a contract and advance payment
Production 1-1.5 month depending on the complexity of the order and approved materials
Installation of the finished door and payment of the balance of the amount. Installation is paid separately

Precise measurement = Precise installation

Precise measurement = Precise installation

Measuring and fitting of materials Measuring and fitting of materials

Our masters come out to the site at a time convenient for you and make measurements with an accuracy to the nearest millimeter. On-site master will consult you about the selected coating, show you samples in person.
Invisible door requires masterful installation and full compliance with the opening. This is the only way to get really neat hidden structures.

Free measurement Free measurement

Within Riga and a radius of +20 km we offer a free-measurement visit.
In other regions of Latvia we charge an advance fee for the visit and consultation. If you place an order for doors later, this money will become part of the deposit, so the measurement will also be free of charge.

Order a measurement

Our production

3 workshops
Painting, aluminum
preparation, lining preparation,
and door assembly
68 workers
Everyone is qualified in
their specialty
High-precision machines
by Masterwood (Italy)
3000+ sq.m.
Total production area

15 000+ completed orders in CIS countries Europe, Asia

Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Finland

Custom orders Custom orders

Custom orders Custom orders

We make doors for individual orders, exactly for your doorways and requests for color, texture, and materials. This means that our craftsmen can make doors up to 6 meters in height, including non-standard sizes.
A huge selection of overlays and designs - this is your chance to get a unique product You can order an individual drawing, engraving, and any coating out of the ones presented in the showroom.

Discuss a custom order

Come see the samples in person!

By appointment, you can visit our showroom in Riga at Rēzeknes iela 3A. Here you can see options of profiles and overlays in person, discuss your project and options for its implementation, get a free advice from specialists Leave a request and we will arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you!

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