Aludoors models

You can choose one of the offered models or create an exclusive version together with our designers

The most important difference between hidden doors and the standard door design is the use of a hidden aluminum profile, which allows to mount the door leaf flush with the wall and abandon the platbands from the front of the door block.

Hidden doors have long been an integral part of a modern, splendid and spacious interior. Designers are increasingly using invisible doors in their work, and our company has been manufacturing them for many years.

The main advantages of hidden doors are:

  • modern look;
  • visual expansion of space;
  • solid and durable aluminum profile;
  • various finishes, including enamel, wallpaper or wall panels.

Here you can buy hidden doors suitable for your interior, in Riga and with delivery all over Europe.

We offer our customers various finishes for hidden doors. Glossy and matt enamel, veneer and mirror, wall panels or primer, for further finishing by the customer.

Our doors are custom-made to fit your doorway.

There are also ready-made positions, the purchase of which will significantly speed up the implementation of the object, if necessary.

It is important to realise that the installation of hidden doors includes several stages.

At the first stage, the aluminum profile is mounted together with the door leaf to minimize gaps during installation.

The first stage occurs before finishing the walls. After which, the prepared door leaf is removed and sent for revision (painting, veneering). At this time, the construction crew are finishing the walls on the site – putty, primer and paint the walls.

The second stage is the installation of the door leaf and handles.


AluDoors hidden doors are marked by their sophistication and elegance

Aluminum lintels

The highlight of the model are aluminum cross-sectional lintels, which visually divide the glass sheet.

Italian fittings

All components, including hidden hinges, magnetic lock and handle made in Italy.

Aluminum profile

An exclusively designed all-aluminum profile is our corporate style


Magnetic lock

Silent magnetic lock of the Italian factory AGB

Glass sheet

The thickness of the glass sheet is 6 mm. Glass options: transparent, frosted, tinted. The lintels are made of aluminum

Hidden pivot door hinge

Pivot door hinges

Durvju rokturis

The door handle of the Portuguese company Tupai allows to implement an individually designed decorative insert into the handle design.