Hidden baseboard

Flush-mounted doors with aluminum frame around the perimeter

Baseboards are traditionally used to hide the joint between the flooring and the wall. A new trend in this field is the flush-mounted design, located in one plane with the wall.

Hidden doors have long been an integral part of a modern, splendid and spacious interior. Designers are increasingly using invisible doors in their work, and our company has been manufacturing them for many years.

Such a design solution admirably encompasses in minimalist style interior and other modern design trends. It allows to cope successfully with the main purposes of the baseboard, combining this with the convenience of joining in the area of doorways.

The hidden baseboard consists of two main parts: an aluminum profile and an insert. The hidden baseboard insert can be made of various materials, such as glass, ceramics, painted or veneered MDF.

We offer manufacturing and installation of hidden baseboards.

Our doors are custom-made to fit your doorway.

There are also ready-made positions, the purchase of which will significantly speed up the implementation of the object, if necessary.

Coplanar system

This system allows to make the baseboard coplanar (in one plane with the wall)

Integration with other hidden interior elements Aesthetics and ergonomics and ergonomics

This harmoniously complements the interior with hidden doors and wall panels, completing the idea of doors without trims

Aesthetics and ergonomics

As opposed to the standard baseboard, this concept merges with the wall surface, which makes it easy to place furniture in the room and reduce the accumulation of dust


The hidden baseboard is supplied with 2 000 mm mouldings

Скрытый плинтус

Decorative inserts options

The hidden baseboard consists of an aluminum base and a decorative insert of your choice

Варианты декоративной вставки

Solid wood

MDF (enamel, veneer)


Artificial stone


Installation of a hidden baseboard

Installation of a hidden baseboard consists of three stages

Монтаж скрытого плинтуса состоит из трех этапов